10-inch light blue cowbell

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  • This is our medium size light blue cowbell. 

    • This light blue cowbell is a great size for anyone......guys or girls.  They're small enough to fit in a purse, yet large enough to make plenty of noise!
    • A popular item for Chattanooga Football Club (CFC) fans also known as the Chattahooligans! 
    • All of our cowbells have a welded handle with a vinyl grip for comfortable ringing and maximum noisemaking!
    • All of the clacker wires have welded loops to greatly reduce the possibility of clacker ball detachment.
    • Each light blue cowbell also has a metal strip welded on the inside of the cowbells (at the weld joint) for added strength and better sound.

    If also shopping for decals, be sure to find ones that are 3.5" wide or smaller. A 4.25" wide decal will fit, but wraps around the edge slightly.  Please be aware that due to licensing restrictions the decals cannot be attached to the bell until you receive them. In other words, you have to put them on yourself. SORRY!

    This light blue color is similar to North Carolina Tarheels blue.  In the past, we have referred to it as "Carolina Blue".
    For Chattanooga Football Club soccer fans:  Email eric@mycowbell.com if you would like to make arrangements for local pickup in Chattanooga.
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10-inch light blue cowbell

(You save $4.00 )