11-inch Cowbells

Our largest cowbell for sale. Made with a welded handle with vinyl bicycle grip. Perfect for sports like football, soccer, hockey, skiing, rowing, & marathons.  Also popular for baseball, crew, cheerleading (cheer events), iron man competitions, and olympic events.

All of Cowbell Central's bells are inventoried in white and painted in 17 different colors.  Most of the cowbells are painted using a nice, glossy, durable powder coatWhite cowbell orders receive a discount due to the reduction in material and labor.

When ordering a quantity of cowbells that are not in stock, please allow a minimum of 1 week for painting and gripping, plus an additional 1 to 4 days for shipping.

Cowbells are a great school fundraiser or booster club fundraiser.  Get a volume discount when buying in bulk!

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