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Laser Engraved Cowbells

Looking for a chrome cowbell and shocked at the price?  Here at Cowbell Central, we used to sell chrome bells, but due to increased environmental regulations, that has become very difficult.  But don't worry!  You can get a custom engraved cowbell personalized as a gift.  Take a look at our pricing and instructions:

10" or 11" white cowbell, 1-side engraved:  $57.95   white-bells.png

10" or 11" non-white cowbell, 1-side engraved:  $67.95   non-white-bells.png

10" or 11" white cowbell, 2-sides engraved:  $69.95   white-bells.png

10" or 11" non-white cowbell, 2-sides engraved:  $79.95   non-white-bells.png

  • If artwork is to be engraved, it MUST be 300 d.p.i., or greater.  If it came from a website, it's most likely not 300 d.p.i. resolution.
  • Non-white cowbells will have a white acrylic paint wiped into the etched grooves.
  • If a large surface area is to be etched out, please select a white cowbell.  White bells will not require wiping the acrylic paint into the etching, which allows artwork with larger surface area etching to work.
  • Lead time before shipping is about 1 week.
  • Simply place your order and then email your instructions and artwork (if required) to eric@mycowbell.com.


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