About Us

I came up with the idea of selling cowbells over the internet when I realized how difficult it is to buy these things. It's not like you can go to any ole Wal-mart and pick one up. I graduated from school at Mississippi State University in 1995 in the College of Engineering where MSU fans have a tradition of ringing cowbells at football and baseball games. It's not too hard to find these in Starkville, MS, but not so simple for out-of-towners.


As you can guess, that's my son and me. Conner was 20 months old at the time of the pictures (Summer 2000). My wife, Cameille, took these pictures at our house in Chattanooga, TN. We love it here. Too bad it's so far away from Starkville. I still catch an occasional football game or baseball series. It's worth the 5 hour trek!

These pictures are getting pretty old now. That little fella is all grown up now and my hair's all grey!



I created this business as a source for funding my son's Educational IRA, but in August 2010, I turned it into a full time business.

The cowbells have changed over the years as I have found new suppliers. I hope to keep improving and offering new products as well as promotions in the future.