10" CHROME-PLATED Mississippi State cowbell | Intimidating Bulldog

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  • Cowbell Central is now home of the high quality CHROME-PLATED MISSISSIPPI STATE COWBELL!
    • This is a 10-inch cowbell with beautiful, shiny chrome plating and the "Intimidating Bulldog" on one side.
    • All of our cowbells have a welded handle with a vinyl bicycle grip for comfortable ringing and maximum noise making!
    • The clacker wires have a nice round loop that is welded to prevent the clacker ball from detaching or getting stuck to the inside of the bell.
    • These new chrome cowbells are made with a thicker metal than previously available which gives them more durability and a better sound.

    You won't find these fantastic prices for chrome-plated cowbells anywhere else!  Compare to other dealers who offer chrome-plated cowbells for $100 to $250. 

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10" CHROME-PLATED Mississippi State cowbell | Intimidating Bulldog