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Mississippi State University

Ringing my cowbell in Left Field Lounge  I am a Mississippi State grad (class of '95). I started in '88..........yes, right smack in the middle of the Felker years! I was fortunate enough to see a great deal of history while I was at State, as well as many memories before and after college. As for the good memories, I saw the last-second, Todd Merritt 3-pointer over Kentucky, the Burke Masters grand slam against Florida State, the 4OT victory over Ole Miss at the Hump, the '91 SEC-clinching victory over Shaq and the boys, the 30-6 slaughtering of Florida, the 17-16 victory over Bama, the 2000 victory over #3 Florida, 47-35, and the pitching mastery in the 2001 and 2005 SEC Baseball Tournament Championship Games over LSU and Ole Miss.

I was present for each of the above-mentioned sweet moments; but I was also present for the not-so-fond memories. Such as the wind-blown field goal, the "Tech n' 10" season, the '89 Regional loss to UNC, the NE Lousiana upset at Scott Field, the 1-run Mayor's Trophy loss in the 9th, and finally, Tuberville's "The Drive" & 2-point conversion.

I don't think I can describe how sweet it was to be able to rush onto the field and help tear down the goal posts after our amazing 4th quarter comeback in the '99 Egg Bowl. That moment seemed to make up for all those bad moments in prior years. I listen to the 4th quarter of that Egg Bowl time and time again. I'll never forget it! That whole season was unforgettable!

I suppose I only have a few regrets. I regret not seeing Thunder & Lightning play. That 1985 team had to have been the best team in the history of the College World Series and yet they couldn't quite win it all. Clark, Palmeiro, Brantley, Thigpen......I love being able to tell people all of those guys played on the same Bulldog team. I also regret not being able to see Bruce Castoria's towering homeruns. I regret not going to any of the tournament games during the Final Four year. And I regret not listening to the entire game in which we mounted an unthinkable comeback victory over Rice at College Station, TX during that 1998 Regional!

I met some high profile people in my years at State. I met Erick Dampier (not very friendly.......but better than Bullard!). I met John Grisham. I saw Andre Agassi (age 18) with his girlfriend who went to State.

The things I miss are the 8-team, winner goes to Omaha, Regionals; the 10-team, 1-division SEC (although, it makes it easier in football!); and Darryl, could he pump up a crowd?

The most under-rated MSU player in my time? Jon Harden. That little guy could make some of the greatest hitters in baseball look silly with that change-up.

The most over-rated MSU player in my time? Well........he was actually just a signee, but thought he was too good for college basketball. Jonathon Bender!

Dudy Noble Field

Another jam-packed Dudy Noble Field