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10" COPPER-PLATED cowbell and CWS-4 Champions decal

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  • Cowbell Central is now home of the high quality COPPER-PLATED MISSISSIPPI STATE COWBELL!
    • This is a 10-inch cowbell with beautiful, shiny copper plating.
    • This cowbell includes the new, fatter vinyl handle grip for more comfortable ringing.
    • Includes the new "swing-free" clacker wire design that allows the clacker to freely swing without getting stuck.  All of the clacker wires have welded loops to greatly reduce the possibility of clacker ball detachment as well as.  
    • This copper cowbell has an increased metal thickness for added strength and better sound.
    • You won't find copper-plated cowbells anywhere else!  The pricing is very reasonable. 
    • Additional decals can be ordered here.

    Unfortunately, due to rather unfair NCAA restrictions, we cannot apply NCAA Championship decals to noisemakers.  However, there is nothing stopping the buyer from applying the decal, so you will receive a copper plated cowbell and a free CWS Championship decal.

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10" COPPER-PLATED cowbell and CWS-4 Champions decal

(You save $7.00 )